Freedom is defined as “being able to act and move without hindrance or restraint.” At Freedom International Church, we believe that God wants to set us free from restraints so that we can explode into the fullness and abundance of a life with Him. He does not want us to be constrained by the burdens of this world, by past hurts or by any other kinds of limitations. He wants to set us free to be successful in every area of our lives.
Yet true freedom comes within parameters and fences. With compassionate love, God is calling us to come within His boundaries and do things His way. If we do, we will experience incredible freedom - peace and joy, love and power, prosperity and success - that is the Father heart of God for His children.
We would love for you to come out and join us for one of our services. As you peruse our web site, we encourage you to read our values, listen to some of our worship and preaching, and take note of the ministries that we offer. We look forward to meeting you!
Serving Him,
Pastors Eric and Sarah Lehmann
Senior Pastors, Freedom International Church

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